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Beware - Your rights are under attack

posted Mar 25, 2013, 11:43 AM by Joseph Vellegas
AEA-  You need to take action and contact your legislators now if you wish to protect your rights as a teacher.  The bill to take away your Due Process Rights is before the House Education Committee and every teacher must let them know that this attack on teachers must not pass. Please use the link below to send a message that is loud and clear-Stop these attacks on Teachers and Fund the McCleary Decision and reduce our class sizes! Check to see if you live in one of the district's of the members of the House Education Committee (ex.-Hayes-10th) and tell them to stop this terrible bill.  All of the members in the Legislature needs to hear from you now.  Thank you!  Eric

SB 5242 is being heard in the House Education Committee on Friday, March 29th at 1:30. We need to mobilize members to send a “do not pass” message to legislators and pivot to our class size/compensation agenda. The talking points for SB 5242 and a PDF of the bill are attached.
1.     SB 5242 is an attack on teachers and basic fairness and it puts every teacher as risk of losing his or her job. President Mary Lindquist calls SB 5242 "one of the worst bills we've ever seen. It's a bad bill, and no amount of compromise will make it better. It guts due process and puts every single teacher’s career in jeopardy. A principal can transfer you out of your position for any reason -- the art you hang in your room, the books you assign to your kids, or the questions you ask at a staff meeting -- and they don’t have to explain their decision. You lose your job if no other principal finds a place for you.”
2.     Members need to understand the implications of SB 5242 and flood House members with emails and phone calls in opposition. Members can email their legislators, the House Education Committee members and the Governor from When members enter their zip code, they will be taken to a page where they can send emails to all of the elected officials mentioned above from one screen. An action alert with a link to OurVoice was sent to all members this afternoon.
3.     The councils that have representatives on the House Education Committee are being asked to make sure that those legislators receive significant pressure leading up to Friday’s hearing. Key members of the committee have been targeted and seven councils have been asked to pay particular attention to these legislators. (Puget Sound –LD 31, Magendanz – LD 5, Fagan – LD 9, Hawkins – LD 12, Hayes – LD 10, Klippert – LD 8, and Seaquist – LD 26)
4.     The message we need to send to House members is Do not pass SB 5242. Do something that matters - reduce class size and restore the COLA.   
5.     We are looking to pack the hearing room on Friday, which means we need about 75-100 members wearing red to be present. 

6.     We need all hands on deck. This is an issue that our members care about and it is a catalyst to get members engaged and maintain their attention as budget talks begin in earnest in the next few weeks. Our intention is to keep SB 5242 out of the end game, but members need to crank up the pressure if we are to be successful.