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Calling on All Defenders of Public Education!!

posted Jun 10, 2012, 2:38 PM by Joseph Vellegas
After our 13 AEA Dinners, your Bargaining Team reported out our rough draft of our findings at last Wednesday's General Membership Meeting. You have spoken with one voice that the pressures placed on you and your classroom are increasing to unsustainable levels.  With 45 fewer teachers in Arlington than we had four years ago and the State continuing to cut your pay by hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career, many of you have said "enough" and have asked what you can do to fight against those who want to privatize Public Education.
   We're glad you know that Public Education was created so Democracy can exist.  The Anti-Public Education forces already control the Washington State Senate, they are once again running Charter Schools(I-1240) and another Tax Exemptions for the Oil Corporations Initiatives, and they are relentless, organized, and well-funded. But while they have deeper pockets, every teacher represents 44 registered voters and we have 149 days until the November election to help stop our state from becoming the next Wisconsin.
   So please join WEA-PAC if you haven't already done so and toss in at least another $20.12 by going on-line ( soon.  Please get ready to write letters to the editor, knock on your neighbor's doors, but your first step can come this Monday June 11 with making phone calls from 6-8 for our WEA endorsed candidate for governor - Jay Inslee.  Please contact me (425.345.3393) or Todd McLaughlin (360.631.3160) or email us using our AEA email account ASAP.  

Thank you for your dedication to Public Education!!  Eric Grant