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Details of the Memo of Understanding

posted Aug 29, 2011, 8:44 PM by Joseph Vellegas

Please plan on attending the Memo of Understanding (MOU) meeting on August 30th at Haller at 4:00 to discuss, accept, reject, or postpone the restoration of the 1.9% salary reduction from the State. This agreement is complicated and calls for shared sacrifice from the members so your attendance is critical. 

While most of the members know of this cut, many are unaware of their losses of the three previously agreed upon LID days, their frozen salary at the 1.9% loss for next year, and their lost Cost of Living increases. 

It is vital that this agreement is understood by all of our members in context to what is happening not only at the local but at the state and national levels as well. 

Briefly the MOU is as follows:

The 1.9% is restored by adding 3.5 days. The District is paying for two Collaboration Days (14 hours) at the Per Diem rate which will be scheduled by the District with any make-up opportunities to be agreed upon by the teacher and their supervisor. There will also be 1.5 Professional Development Days (10.5 hours) paid at the Per Diem rate which will be teacher-directed time as approved by the district. These 1.5 days will be funded by a reduction of Class Size Relief (85%) and one-half of the Professional Growth Option (PGO). The language of these sections in our Contract has not been altered and any of our carry over of unused funds from last year will not be impacted. This MOU is for one year only and we will bargain an open contract at the end of this year.

The good news is that no one has been RIF'ed, we will maintain our 2% increase in TRI, we have three waiver days and the District will pick up approximately 58% of the cost of restoring the 1.9% loss. The bad news is that Public Education is under attack and we are one election away from becoming a battleground state like Wisconsin or Idaho.

We look forward to discussing this agreement with you. Should you wish to reach us, Eric can be contacted at 425 345-3393 and Sherry at 425 238-6607. Thank you for your dedication to Public Education.