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Info About Residency Certificate Renewal

posted Nov 13, 2011, 4:19 PM by Joseph Vellegas

Please help your early-career colleagues .... pass along this information about Residency Certificate Renewal  


There are hundreds of Washington teachers in danger of losing their license to teach ...... 


There is a consequence for allowing a Residency certificate to expire.  Teachers who have exhausted all available renewals of their Residency certificate and have not passed the ProTeach assessment or earned a National Board certificate will have their Residency certificate expire and will not be eligible for reinstatement of teacher licensure for five years past the expiration date of their final Residency certificate.  (WAC 181-79A-231(7)(A)


What's this mean?  Anyone with a Residency certificate that expires June 30, 2012 should find out whether they are eligible for a renewal and secure that renewal immediately.  Employment is in jeopardy.   Those teachers with certificates that will expire this summer and cannot be renewed MUST register for ProTeach.   Those with certificates expiring in June, 2013 are also in a precarious position and should understand their options now, not wait until next year.  


The PESB has created a resource page for teachers who need to know more:  Click here: 

A ProTeach advisor has created this useful chart: 


Do your colleagues a favor.  Ask a question.  Point them towards the PESB website.  Help them understand that certification is not optional, but required by state law.   Help them avoid a lapsed certificate and an interrupted career.   


Thanks for spreading the word,  


J. Harmon