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Please help with Phone Calling

posted Oct 22, 2012, 6:07 PM by Joseph Vellegas   [ updated Oct 22, 2012, 6:27 PM ]
 With the race for the Governor in a dead heat, helping to elect Jay Inslee must be your homework between now and the 6th.  Please come to Mount Vernon this Wednesday between 6-8 to help call undecided voters. 
     To fight against those who are waging an unrelenting, national movement to Privatize Public Education, we need to remember what compelled us into the classroom in the first place. As Educators, do we choose the Latin definition e ducere-to "draw out from within" or to "lead forth"?  No matter how you look at it, either we're helping to lead our students to their greatest potential or to help introduce them to the larger Community, our sitting passively on the sidelines is not an option.  Our student's future is not served with our silence now.  If you do nothing between now and the election, your feeling of helplessness will only increase.  So do yourself and the future the favor of actively working on pro-public educators,opposing Intiatives 1240(Charters) and 1185(Eyman's McCleary Killer), writing letters to the editor, speaking up and acting out, because you'll be able to smile back at your mirror the day after the election knowing that, no matter what the outcome, you gave it your best. You deserve nothing less.
Wednesday, October 24
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Best Western Cottontree Inn
2300 Market Street
Mount Vernon, WA
Thank you for your dedication to Public Education.  Eric Grant 425 345.3393