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Take One Action

posted Apr 11, 2017, 4:07 PM by Joseph Vellegas

I am personally asking each member of WEA to do one thing right now. Tell the House to stand strong for students by standing by its education budget proposal.

There are 92,000 of us. Imagine the impact if we all send a message to our lawmakers. 

I know we’ve asked before. If you have sent the message already, thank you. If not, here is why we need you to act. The legislature is nearing the end of its regular session, scheduled to close on April 23. As you know, this is the year they are supposed to fund McCleary. Lawmakers need to know that educators from all across the state are demanding them to pass a budget that is good for students.

The House education budget makes good progress on the following issues:

  • Keeps the class size law alive.
  • Improves pay by an average of 30% for certificated staff and 60% for ESPs.
  • Maintains school district flexibility to collect levies, and our rights to bargain with districts.

The Senate Republican budget, by contrast:

  • Eliminates the class size law.
  • Hurts special education funding.
  • Restricts pay and/or services to students.
  • Severely restricts local collective bargaining.

Our lawmakers need to hear from us – support the House Democratic budget and oppose the Senate Republican plan. 

So, please, take a moment and send a message to your lawmakers. We have one that is pre-written. You can use it, or modify it with your own ideas. But please do send them a message, and do it right now.

Thank you.

Kim Mead, WEA President