2012 Elections

Eric Grant: Running for AEA President
    My name is Eric Grant and I am a History Teacher at Haller Middle School. While some of you know me as a happily married hubby of over 20 years and the proud pappy of two high schoolers, most of you might know that I have had the honor of being your AEA President this past year. I would like to continue to serve you in that role for next year.
    While serving this year on the 4th Corner Executive Board, the WEA State Board, and as a NEA Delegate to the National Rep Assembly, I am convinced that Public Education is under attack and that all of us must come to it’s defense. We must all work to elect pro Public Education candidates to all levels of government. We all need to join WEA-PAC and the NEA FCPC (Fund for Children and Public Education), volunteer to help, stay focused and stay strong. For every teacher there are 44 registered voters in Washington State. Don’t you have 23 friends who are registered voters? With your help and commitment we cannot lose. Thank you for your help, your passion, and your vote.
Todd McLaughlin: Running for AEA Vice-President
    My name is Todd McLaughlin and I am running for re-election as AEA Vice-President. I am happily married (33yrs) and a father of 5 children and grandfather to 4 grandchildren. My wife is a teacher for Marysville School District. This is the fifth year that I have served in our union, three as a building Representative, and two years as Vice-President and grievance officer. I have served four years as one of our AEA delegates at our State RA assembly. I represent our union as one of our 4th corner uniserve delegates. This summer I will be at the table negotiating our next contract.
    I am an optimist by nature, but also a realist. You all know the uncertainty we face. Yet, when we stand united together we can face our opposition knowing that “our” student’s receive a quality education taught by qualified professionals. I am proud to be a member of AEA. I will continue to stand up for our rights. Please give me your vote.
Ardis Hallanger: Running for AEA Secretary
Hello Everyone!
    This is my twelfth year in the district. I currently work at Stilly Valley as a Music and Reading Teacher, and WSLP Advisor, and also taught eight years at Trafton teaching Music, Science and Library.
    I have served three years on Rep Council as Stilly Valley School’s Building Rep. I attended Rallies in Mt. Vernon, Cascade HS, and Glacier Peak HS this year, and absolutely loved participating in the State Rep Assembly in Spokane May 17-19th.
    Currently, I’m finishing the end of a three year term as Secretary on the Board of Directors for Cedar Glen Condo Assoc.
    Something I’m very proud of doing on behalf of teachers, was going to Olympia to protest the Healthcare Takeover over this winter. It was democracy in action, and we were able to stave off the attack for the most part. I hope to work to maintain and improve teachers’ rights and working conditions, as well as help facilitate good communication between our membership, administration, and our greater professional organizations. If elected, I will do my best to fulfill the job professionally and on behalf of all our members. Thank you. Ardis
Treasurer: Currently no one running